Site Monitoring

Monitoring compliance of site and fleet operations against the CLOCS Standard is critical to ensure all parties consistently meet that standard and, where necessary, take appropriate positive action where an organisation falls short to prevent recurrence.

To help Champions understand and improve site compliance and consequent safety, CLOCS Site Monitoring has been developed in partnership with CLOCS Partner, the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

A CLOCS Champion commits to having:

  • at least 20% of its sites formerly reviewed by the CLOCS team
  • a clear plan to get the majority of its sites to be CLOCS compliant within two years
  • a clear plan to encourage other organisations to adopt the CLOCS Standard

There are 3 mechanisms available to support effective site monitoring:

1.  A formal site review visit by the CLOCS team, together with submission of a ‘self-assessment’ form.  This provides:

  • a site score, and
  • a detailed report capturing good practice and recommendations for improvement. 

CLOCS Champions are required to have at least 20% of sites assessed by the CLOCS site monitoring team. Formal site review reports and scores can be used to evidence that this requirement is being met.

2.  An advisory site review visit by the CLOCS team plus self-assessment checklist: this provides:

  • a detailed report capturing good practice and recommendations for improvement.

NB:  An advisory site review visit does not contribute to the 20% requirement for sites to be formally monitored.

3.  Self-assessment checklist

The self-assessment checklist reflects the requirements of the CLOCS Standard, as they apply to the site. The questions look to establish compliance and capture performance beyond minimum requirements as they seek detail on all elements described as - mandatory (designated by ‘shall’ within the Standard), recommended and optional (designated by ‘should’ and ‘may’).  This checklist helps principal contractors to understand their level of compliance.

  • The checklist must be completed and submitted to the CLOCS team in advance of a CLOCS site review visit. A form will be issued when you book your visit.
  • can be used as evidence for the CLOCS team that an organisation is working towards corporate compliance (as set out in the Implementation Plan)

NB:  Self-assessment does not contribute to the 20% requirement for sites to be formally monitored.

As well as looking to establish whether the Standard is being met, the assessment and monitoring process aims to recognise best practice and raise standards across the industry. The CLOCS site monitoring team provides a detailed report containing helpful advice on areas for improvement and provides scores in all key areas.  Overall scores and reports can be used as:

  • evidence of compliance to your clients
  • a benchmark for future employers/clients
  • internal performance review

Importantly effective monitoring will identify areas of underachievement that can be quickly addressed.

The following documents are available to help champions understand and get the greatest value from the process:

Preparing for your visit

Self-assessment checklist

Self-assessment scoring sheet

CLOCS Site Checklist

* Fees for CLOCS site monitoring (from 1 November 2019):

  • For sites registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £220 +VAT per visit1
  • For sites NOT registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £395 +VAT per visit2

Every site that registers for CLOCS review will receive the following products at the start of each registration period

  • 1 x A1 CLOCS public engagement poster
  • 1 x A1 CLOCS gate check poster
  • 1 x small CLOCS banner (2.4m x 0.66m)

1 CCS registered sites will require a CLOCS review visit in addition to the normal CCS visit. If CLOCS visits cannot be aligned with CCS site visits an additional fee of £50 per non-aligned visit will be payable.

2 CLOCS requires that projects are reviewed for compliance every 6 months.

CLOCS site monitoring visits can be booked by:

Banners & posters are also available for purchase by CLOCS Champions:

  • A1 CLOCS public engagement poster £12.00 + VAT
  • A1 gate check poster £12.00 + VAT
  • Small banner (2.43m x 0.66m) is £63 + VAT

Delivery £6.56 + VAT

Please email to purchase.