Site Monitoring

To help Champions understand and improve site compliance and consequent safety, CLOCS Site Monitoring Visits have been developed in partnership with CLOCS partners Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).

For a client and/or principal contractor to remain a CLOCS Champion, it needs to:

  • have at least 20% of sites assessed by the CLOCS site monitoring team
  • show good progress against its corporate plan to get all/most of its sites to be CLOCS compliant within two years of becoming a CLOCS Champion
  • demonstrate activity to positively promote CLOCS

The CLOCS site monitoring team provides a detailed report containing helpful advice on areas for improvement and provides scores in 11 key areas.  Overall scores and reports can be used as:

  • evidence of compliance to your clients
  • a benchmark for future employers/clients
  • internal performance monitoring

Importantly a visit will identify areas of under achievement that can be quickly addressed.

The following guidelines are available to help champions understand and get greatest value from the process:

CLOCS Site Checklist

Preparing for your visit

The fees for CLOCS monitoring are as follows:

  • For sites registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £200 +VAT per visit 1
  • For sites NOT registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme – £375 +VAT per visit2

Every site that registers for CLOCS monitoring will receive an A1 CLOCS poster and a small CLOCS vinyl banner (2.4m x 0.66m) annually. 

CCS registered sites will require a CLOCS monitoring visit in addition to the normal CCS visit. If CLOCS visits cannot be aligned with CCS site visits an additional fee of £50 per non-aligned visit will be payable.

CLOCS requires that projects are monitored for compliance every 6 months.

Site monitoring visits can be booked through by:

  1. Making a request through the CLOCS Champion portal.
  2. ‘Auto opt-in for client and principal contractor organisations that are CLOCS Champions when registering a site for normal CCS visit.
  3. Directly email

The Champion portal has been developed to help your organisation manage its relationship with CLOCS. When site visits are undertaken scores and reports are stored in the system for future reference. Results for sites across the whole organisation can be viewed by authorised contacts, allowing for internal benchmarking and continuous improvement.

Banners & posters are available for purchase by CLOCS Champions:

A1 poster £11.30 plus VAT
Small banner (2.43m x 0.66m) is £59  plus VAT
Large banner (3.65m x 1m) is £77 plus VAT.  

Delivery £5.96 plus VAT