Site Suitability for Safer Vehicles

The CLOCS Standard requires and encourages fleet operators to use vehicles with enhanced safety features such as greater direct vision, lower axle heights and side under-run protection. The CLOCS Standard also requires construction clients to ensure construction, supply and waste sites are suitable for vehicles fitted with enhanced safety features.

To support these requirements and encourage the use of safer vehicles, an assessment for on-site ground conditions has been developed. The tools and guidance below help support both clients and fleet operators in applying their assessment.

CLOCS Handbook – Assessment for on-site ground conditions

For site operators, construction clients and principal contractors to rate your sites

Follow the instructions within the assessment for on-site conditions assessment handbook to evaluate your construction, supply or waste site.  

Assessment is based on four key criteria – 

  • approach angle
  • material type
  • rutting and bumps  
  • water

The overall site rating is based on the lowest rated of these four criteria.