Site Access Traffic Marshals

Site Access Traffic Marshals stationed at the site entrance are the primary and critical interface between the site, fleet operations and the public. They are vital in ensuring only authorised vehicles and people enter the site, vital in ensuring vehicles entering and leaving the site do so safely and efficiently, and are often the main human interaction between site activities and the public.

Competent Site Access Traffic Marshals are recognised by progressive contractors as essential to help maximise productivity of the site and the drivers of the vehicles delivering products/plant or removing waste material. Most sites also have Banksmen who guide vehicles once within the site hoardings – these are distinct roles and cannot be done concurrently by the same person (as can’t be in two places at once!), though often personnel are rotated between roles.

CLOCS approved training

In response to champion feedback on the key role that traffic marshals play, CLOCS developed a Competency Framework to lift the quality of training.  Traffic marshals should be equipped with specific skills and attitudes, and acquire confidence to effectively implement CLOCS at the gate.

Training providers wishing to deliver CLOCS ‘approved’ training are assessed by the SATM review panel. Applicants are required to provide detailed evidence of proposed training delivery, quality management systems and past performance as the basis of assessment. Download the SATM approval requirement and process.pdf.  Training delivery and course content will be formally reviewed annually to ensure standards are being maintained.

Approved training providers are listed below with their contact details  - please contact them directly for details of upcoming courses.

Any organisation with the right experience, skills and systems can apply for their training to be CLOCS-approved. Please contact


CLOCS is also offering ‘Train-the-Trainer ‘ to enable companies to deliver their own SATM training against this competency framework and be CLOCS-approved to deliver in-house.  For further information, please contact