CLOCS membership

The CLOCS annual membership fee enables the CLOCS team to better support and promote CLOCS Champions and to ensure CLOCS is the robust national industry standard for all regulators, clients, contractors and fleet operators across the UK.

Great progress has been made so far to ensure the safest construction vehicle journeys are made by over 600 CLOCS Champion organisations. Together, we are taking action to prevent the annual tragedy of 500 pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists being killed or seriously injured in collisions with HGVs on Britain’s road – that’s nearly 2 people every working day.

But there is so much more to be done.  Co-investment by CLOCS Champions will accelerate change.

What will it cost?

  • The annual fee for an organisation to be a CLOCS Champion is £600 per annum

Membership fees for new champions apply with immediate effect.

Fees do not apply to community groups or organisations dependent on charitable donations.

CLOCS Champion member benefits

Being a CLOCS Champion puts your organisation at the forefront of industry action to promote safer construction journeys.  As the strategy of the CLOCS programme increasingly focuses on planning and procurement to drive the right behaviours and commercial conditions, early adopters will be ‘future-proofed’ as the requirements of the CLOCS Standard become ‘business as usual’. 

Your organisation’s CLOCS Champion membership will demonstrate leadership and help achieve your objectives through:

  • support to develop a corporate CLOCS Implementation Plan
  • annual review of that implementation plan by the CLOCS team and coaching to accelerate progression towards your goals
  • an online account in the CLOCS portal to maximise the benefits and use of CLOCS tools and resources and to monitor engagement and performance across an organisation:
    • sub-accounts for colleagues organising CLOCS site monitoring visits.
    • distributions list manager tool to aid internal communications and ensure all key contacts receive CLOCS bulletins and alerts.
    • visibility of all your organisation’s construction site CLOCS monitoring visit reports and scores to monitor progress.
    • platform to promote your organisation in the Champion Directory.
  • right to apply to join the CLOCS Working Group providing early insights, influence and a platform to share good practice
  • quality guidance and support materials to aid effective and efficient implementation of CLOCS
  • one funded place on a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) training course per membership year.
  • two tickets for the annual conference and/or regional event of your choice
  • the right to use the CLOCS logo on websites, marketing material, hoardings, clothing etc.

What does a CLOCS Champion need to do?

A CLOCS Champion commits to having:

  • at least 20% of its sites and/or fleet operating centres formally reviewed
  • a clear plan to get the majority of its sites and/or fleet operating centres to be CLOCS compliant within two years
  • a clear plan to encourage other organisations to adopt the CLOCS Standard

CLOCS Champion members are party to the CLOCS Memorandum of Understanding and CLOCS Terms of Reference.

Sign up for membership and future-proof your business today.