Construction Logistics Planning Training

Construction Logistics Planning (CLP) online training is now available from CLOCS. 

A Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) provides the framework for understanding and managing construction vehicle activity into and out of a proposed development. It include a full assessment of all phases of construction and gives details on routing, traffic management and community considerations.

Construction Logistics Plans are the golden thread that runs through the CLOCS Standard. Effective CLPs require all stakeholders in construction – Local Planning Authorities, Clients / Developers, Planning Specialists, and Principal contractors – to work collaboratively.

CLP training provides guidance and support to help the UK construction industry work together to plan and manage construction logistics to/from sites.

Better and more consistent construction logistics planning will:

  • reduce road risk and drive down congestion
  • improve productivity and performance
  • facilitate safe and effective operations
  • reduce emissions and improve air quality
  • provide a consistent method to generate and capture information
  • reduce complaints from local communities and other road users

CLP Training

Delivered by CLOCS via a virtual classroom – in a dynamic, interactive 3-part programme 

  1. The Foundation course (Day 1) is a great place to start, shedding light on the purpose and methodology of CLPs. Suitable for all.
  2. The Practitioner course* (Day 2) is the practical bit – helping you to develop, assess and deliver CLPs effectively. On completion, delegates become a 'CLP Practitioner'.
  3. The Advanced course (Day 3) is for individuals involved in producing CLPs and focuses on the methodology using CLP tool outputs, for assessing and calculating vehicle movements on and off site during each of the construction phases.

We encourage delegates to explore the roles and responsibilities of a CLP, discuss their experiences so far in their own job role and consider what they will do differently following the training. CLOCS ensures delegates are from a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences, to ensure that conversations and discussions are real-life, topical and sector relevant.

CLP training will help you to understand:

  • CLP requirements and how they affect you
  • the impact of sector growth and demand for safer, greener construction journeys
  • the complexity of construction and importance of early collaboration
  • the positive effect of good construction logistics planning
  • the context of CLPs in the planning process
  • the structure of a CLP and its content
  • how ‘Planned Measures’ can reduce the impact of construction activity
  • how to make a full assessment of all phases of construction
  • how to critique a completed plan
  • the benefits of getting it right


Training dates are held throughout the year. Contact CLOCS to be added to the waiting list if no dates are available.

1. CLP Foundation
Wed/Thurs 06/07 Dec 2023 >>> Book here
Wed/Thurs 07/08 Feb 2024 >>> Book here
Wed/Thurs 06/07 March 2024 >>> Book here

2. CLP Practitioner
Wed/Thurs 13/14 Dec 2023 >>> Book here
Wed/Thurs 14/15 Feb 2024 >>> Book here
Wed/Thurs 20/21 March 2024 >>> Book here

3. CLP Advanced
Wed 28 Feb 2024 (full day) >>> Book here

  Registered CLOCS Champion
  Non-CLOCS Champion


  • CLOCS Champions are eligible for one free training place on the courses (subject to course availability). 
  • There are funded spaces for Local Planning Authorities. 
  • In-house sessions are available on request.


*You must complete Foundation training before progressing to Practitioner training.