Giving drivers a voice

CLOCS Vox gives drivers a platform to rate the construction sites they visit in 5 key areas:

  • Whether the delivery was accepted or refused (and reason for refusal)
  • Clarity of ‘last mile’ route and instructions
  • Whether they arrived/left as scheduled
  • The gate team (fairness and efficiency)
  • Ground conditions (including access for low entry cabs)

CLOCS Vox app is quick, easy and free to use. Feedback is anonymous.

CLOCS Vox also allows contractors to monitor feedback on their projects to see what's working well or where improvements might be needed. 


CLOCS Vox - for Contractors

Register for the CLOCS Vox Dashboard - see what drivers are saying about your sites now.
  • Ideal for site managers – monitor your site’s performance
  • Additional reporting available to Group level roles (e.g. Head of HSE)
  • See how your site compares to others in your area
  • Improve your CLOCS Standard compliance

CLOCS Vox Dashboard is free to use and available to all UK contractors.

Encourage drivers to use the app - give this poster and handout to your gate teams:

About the app:
CLOCS Vox was developed by CLOCS to help improve site arrangements for Fleet Operators and Principal Contractors. CLOCS Vox data is powered by our partners CCS (Considerate Constructors Scheme). 

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