CLOCS Conference 2019: Influence and Information: free tickets for members

7 Jan 2019

20th March in Birmingham from 10:00 to 15:15 – book your places now…..

All CLOCS champion members can apply* for two free tickets to attend – one for their organisation and another for a client, member of their supply chain or colleague from a different part of the business.  All CLOCS champions are encouraged to invite such a guest to help with the wider communication of the benefits of CLOCS.

Main agenda items include:

  • CLOCS – Successes and future strategy
  • Department for Transport (TBC) – national Cycling & Walking Strategy
  • Transport planning and logistics – Town Planners to influence change
  • Construction Logistics Plans – a tool to gather and communicate information & requirements
  • Using information to drive change

Additional ‘how-to’ workshops will help CLOCS champions to:

  • Engage with the community and organise exchanging places events
  • Communicate with the supply chain through relationships and procurement
  • Lobby effectively
  • Learn more about systems to manage information

More details will be available shortly.

Places are limited so please apply early.  Click here to book your tickets

Members free, non-members £100

Would you like to exhibit – we have a small number of table-top spaces available.  Contact for more information.

Please note:
If you book a place but subsequently do not attend you will be charged a £75 non-attendance fee to cover the cost of wasted catering and resource.

*The CLOCS team reserves the right to decline applications for tickets