Event: TfGM co-invest in CLOCS - Fri 18 Oct 2019 in Manchester

30 Sep 2019
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, will be launching their CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) strategy at 8.30am on Friday 18th October 2019 at Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester.

Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) Training now available from CLOCS

30 Sep 2019
Now available from CLOCS: a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) is part of the planning consent process and provides the framework to minimise the impact of construction logistics. Well-planned construction logistics will reduce congestion, environmental impact and road risk, improving the safety of vulnerable road users. The CLP also helps reduce costs through efficient working practices and fewer deliveries.

SPOT THE CLOCS competition

30 Sep 2019
Have you spotted a construction site with CLOCS branding around the UK? Safely snap a shot of one of our CLOCS posters or banners in situ anywhere in the UK and you could win a £30 Waitrose voucher!

FORS launches Going for Silver and Gold webinar

30 Sep 2019
FORS and CLOCS work together to keep compliance simple, with achieving FORS Silver accreditation demonstrating that you are CLOCS compliant.

Webinars by FORS

1 Sep 2019
These two free 60 minute webinars provide an informative overview of FORS. You can find out more about them by checking out the link below.

CLOCS prepares to deliver Construction Logistic Plan Training

29 Aug 2019
Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are the golden thread that runs through the CLOCS Standard. We are delighted to advise that CLOCS will have its very own team trained and ready to deliver CLP programmes beginning in October.

A voice for fleet operators

29 Aug 2019
Would you like to help us and your fellow CLOCS Champions better understand your challenges when you rock up at site to deliver?

Updated gate check poster and checklist

29 Aug 2019
CLOCS has updated the Gate Check Poster and Checklist – now available in our resources section for download and print.

Supply chain compliance to ensure efficiency

28 Aug 2019
Specifying FORS can help ensure all road transport operators contracted by developers or contractors are assessed to meet the highest possible environmental, safety and efficiency standards.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) co-invest in CLOCS

30 Jul 2019
TfGM hosted members from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on the 11th July 2019 for a discussion on CLOCS and its benefits. The meeting was convened specifically to help inform colleagues with both planning and procurement responsibilities about the benefits of adopting the CLOCS Standard.

CLOCS congratulates future leaders in Construction

30 Jul 2019
As sponsors of Finalist Briefing for the Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA) on Tuesday night, CLOCS had a great opportunity to directly address some of the most talented construction managers this year.

New Governance Group for CLOCS

30 Jul 2019
A new CLOCS Strategy, Standards and Governance Board (SSGB) has been appointed

CLOCS Resources under review

30 Jul 2019
During Implementation & Communication plan calls with our members, we review the value and relevance of the resources supplied on the website.

Do you want to meet 1,000 urban logistics professionals from across the industry?

30 Jul 2019
Taking place on 6 November 2019 in London’s Alexandra Palace, Freight in the City Expo will be full of key decision-makers looking for the latest technology and equipment to make urban freight movements safer, cleaner, quieter and more efficient.

Free FORS Fleet Tools

30 Jul 2019
FORS has launched a free online bank of toolkits designed to help FORS operators collate and manage their fleet data.

Prudential Ride London - 3-4 August 2019

30 Jul 2019
Prudential Ride London announcement for the 3-4 August 2019 weekend

Site Access Traffic Marshals: good, bad or ugly?

1 Jul 2019
Gate teams sometimes have a thankless task - they're out in all weathers, poorly paid, suffer abuse from the general public and even lorry drivers - yet are critical to ensuring authorised vehicles enter and leave the site safely and efficiently. That's why CLOCS wants to hear from your construction site manager to ensure their teams are fully trained and competent against the CLOCS Site Access Traffic Marshal competency framework.

CLOCS Greater Manchester and beyond ... !

1 Jul 2019
Greater Manchester is forging ahead in driving CLOCS adoption and implementation across the city-region. Transport for Greater Manchester has called a meeting of all GM local authorities to ensure their development control and procurement teams understand the need for action and the benefits of consistent implementation of CLOCS driven through planning and purchasing policies.

What are contractors asking fleet operators for ... ?

1 Jul 2019
The CLOCS Standard requires principal contractors to specify CLOCS compliance in their procurement strategies, core tender documentation, contracts and/or purchase orders, conditions of contract (or equivalent), site management documentation, and ensure adequate resources are allocated within tender prices.

Delivery Management Systems: making them work for you

1 Jul 2019
Delivery Management Systems (DMS) are used to maximise the productivity of the construction site and fleet operators servicing the site. CLOCS is currently conducting a survey of 100 principal contractor CLOCS champions to understand their current use and ideas for improvement.

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Briefings for Contract Specifiers

1 Jul 2019
FORS - the voluntary accreditation scheme for any company operating commercial vehicles anywhere in the UK or overseas - will be hosting a series of briefings designed to assist organisations that specify FORS in their supply chain, or that intend to do so in the future.

CLOCS Champions, are you getting the most out of your membership?

29 May 2019
We offer all CLOCS Champion members regular contact to make sure you get the most out of your membership. A scheduled telephone conversation once a year gives you an opportunity to discuss your plans and how we best promote your interests and support you.

CLOCS Champions: priority access to CLP Training

29 May 2019
New course dates to be announced in July. CLOCS Members will have priority access to the training. To-date, over 250 professionals are now trained as CLP Practitioners. Email to make sure your name is at the top of the waiting list.

FORS Tyre management guide

28 May 2019
FORS has developed and launched a new tyre management guide, designed to provide managers of HGV, PCV, van and car fleets with guidance on all aspects of tyre management.

Tarmac - implementing CLOCS as a fleet operator

28 May 2019
Everyone should adopt the CLOCS Standard. But where operations fall short, organisations should be constructively challenged and supported to mutual benefit - Sean McGrae, Tarmac

Mulalley - implementing CLOCS as a principal contractor

28 May 2019
For Mulalley, CLOCS is about saving lives and preventing trauma, not about forced compliance to client requirements or legislation.

Exchanging Places (cycle safety) event with Erith at the University of Oxford

28 May 2019
Erith held a cycling safety event on a very rainy day in May at the University of Oxford for our latest EXCHANGING PLACES event. See our gallery of the event set up.

CLOCS with Kate Cairns

27 May 2019
Kate Cairns is a CLOCS expert, professional speaker and strategic advisor on construction logistics and work-related road risk. You can find regular updates to her campaigning here. Updated May 2019.

'One Best Way' updated health and safety standard guidance from Landsec

29 Apr 2019
Landsec are committed to ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys and they have updated their guidance

Ziggurat - join CLOCS on a cycling adventure and help raise money for charity

29 Apr 2019
18-22 September, 2019 - Ziggurat: join CLOCS on a 5 day cycling adventure from London to France - helping raise much needed funds for Action Medical Research

Exchanging Places (cycle safety) event at Marble Arch, London

29 Apr 2019
Careys set up at London's iconic Marble Arch this month in our latest EXCHANGING PLACES event. Focusing on cycle safety, Careys joined forces with the Metropolitan police demonstrating HGV road safety for vulnerable road users. Check out our gallery below.

ProCure22 and SCF - implementing CLOCS as a construction client

25 Apr 2019
ProCure22 (P22) and the Southern Construction Framework (SCF) explain why they are implementing CLOCS as construction clients

Croydon reaping benefits of implementing Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs)

25 Apr 2019
The implementation of Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) in Croydon has resulted in the increased volume of construction traffic being absorbed by the local area virtually ‘unnoticed’, and importantly with zero complaints.

Continental talk digitalisation for truck safety at CLOCS Conference 2019

29 Mar 2019
Continental Tyres UK has put digitalisation for safety to the top of the transport agenda in the construction industry, exploring how emerging technologies will make commercial vehicle fleets safer to audiences at the CLOCS Annual Conference.

DfT supports national roll-out of CLOCS

28 Mar 2019
CLOCS Conference 2019 Keynote: Duncan Price, Head of Freight, Operating Licensing and Roadworthiness, Department for Transport

Transport for Greater Manchester: notable transport authority outside of London adopts CLOCS

28 Mar 2019
Richard Banks, Senior Manager Freight Programmes, Transport for Greater Manager opened his presentation at the CLOCS Conference 2019 with 'Riding a bicycle or crossing a street should not require bravery'.

RTPI launches Practice Advice note: Planning for Construction Safety

28 Mar 2019
A practice note giving advice on how planners can help reduce collisions involving vehicles on route to construction sites and vulnerable road users was launched at the CLOCS conference by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).

CLOCS Awards 2019: winners announced!

27 Mar 2019
10 winners announced at the CLOCS Conference 2019

FORS Security and Counter Terrorism training wins national award

27 Mar 2019
The FORS Security and Counter Terrorism and eLearning module won the Counter Terrorism Education Project Award at the 2019 Counter Terrorism Awards.

CLOCS Annual Conference 2019: Influence & Information

20 Mar 2019
Influence & Information | Wednesday 20th March 2019 | 10:00 - 15:00 | National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham B92 0EJ

CLOCS Champions benefit from Tideway legacy commitment strategy

28 Feb 2019
EPIC Logistics is one of 4 workshops available to CLOCS members at the Annual Conference on 20 March 2019

Making the digital leap: Continental Tyres at the CLOCS Conference 2019

28 Feb 2019
Continental Tyres UK will host a road safety workshop at the CLOCS Annual Conference, as part of its role as the main sponsor for the 2019 event.

Loud & Proud: CLOCS Champions should use CLOCS branding to magnify their USP

28 Feb 2019
Be ‘loud and proud’ in promoting your status as a CLOCS champion

Traffic Routing: join forces to create solutions

28 Feb 2019
Are you interested in driving collective demand for safer sat nav / traffic routing solutions?

FORS: updated vehicle safety equipment guide for version 5

28 Feb 2019
The updated version of the FORS Vehicle safety equipment guide is now available to download from the FORS website.

Awards for outstanding CLOCS Champions

27 Feb 2019
CLOCS to celebrate the achievements of outstanding CLOCS champions

Continental Tyres sponsor CLOCS Conference 2019

31 Jan 2019
Continental Tyres UK is to be the main sponsor of the CLOCS Conference, as part of their commitment to improving road safety for all road users.

Wates achieve high score in their first CLOCS site monitoring visit

30 Jan 2019
Brackenhale Academy is the first Wates project to benefit from the initiative in the Southern Home Counties.

Gate checks: what do you do with a non-compliant vehicle?

30 Jan 2019
A pragmatic approach is required to minimise the risk of further journeys by non-compliant vehicles on the road

Day Aggregates sponsor Health, Safety and Wellbeing category

30 Jan 2019
CLOCS Champions show their commitment to Health & Safety in Construction

Supply chain compliance: how to make it happen?

30 Jan 2019
Concern has been expressed that there are situations where it is not possible to source compliant suppliers.

FORS Fuel Management Guide

30 Jan 2019
To help operators manage their fuel consumption, FORS has created the ‘FORS Fuel management guide’.

New Year resolutions: no more close passing

7 Jan 2019
Unless you cycle, you are unlikely to realise how dangerous close passing can be.

Have your say on safer lorries in London: final proposals for HGV safety permits

7 Jan 2019
Transport for London (TfL) has now developed final proposals to introduce a new Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) Safety Permit Scheme

FORS Winter Guide - key safety tips for drivers

7 Jan 2019
FORS has developed a new driving guide, designed to give HGV drivers seasonal safety advice ahead of the coming winter months.

Road safety education for schools: how to engage with your community

7 Jan 2019
Find out how you could also promote your commitment to safety within your community and importantly prevent harm to children.

CLOCS Conference 2019: Influence and Information: free tickets for members

7 Jan 2019
20th March 2019 in Birmingham - book your places now...

New Year, new CLOCS Standard: how will you implement?

7 Jan 2019
The new CLOCS Standard (v3) is now operational and should be adhered to in respect of all new contracts let.

Government CWIS supports CLOCS

3 Dec 2018
The Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (CWIS) published by the Department for Transport mentions CLOCS: a great outcome from the efforts of champions who responded to the consultation

CLOCS Champions quick to commit

3 Dec 2018
Hundreds of CLOCS Champions have been quick to commit to maintaining CLOCS as a sustainable national standard.

National Road Safety Week 19th to 25th November

3 Dec 2018
To promote National Road Safety week, CLOCS offered free banners and posters in last months bulletin.

How to do: Exchanging Places

3 Dec 2018
Organising exchanging places events is a powerful way for Champions to demonstrate their commitment to keeping communities around developments safe

Children in Need 2018

3 Dec 2018
CLOCS Champions Les Smith Haulage supplied a show unit for a Children in Need event on Saturday 17th November 2018.

CLOCS Banners and Posters

3 Dec 2018
CLOCS Champions can purchase CLOCS banners & posters

Travelling billboards for CEMEX pedestrian safety campaign

3 Dec 2018
CEMEX UK has created travelling billboards on its trucks to pass on road safety messages to pedestrians

CLOCS Standard (Version 3)

3 Dec 2018
The new CLOCS Standard includes, for the first time, responsibilities for regulators, particularly planning and highways authorities.

FORS launches Bridge Smart toolkit

3 Dec 2018
Bridge Smart is based around three essential themes of resetting the culture of preventing bridge strikes, relearning avoidance techniques and regaining industry best practice to prevent bridge strikes.

How Tarmac manage their FORS accreditation to ensure CLOCS Compliance

1 Nov 2018
Garry Lewis, Transport Standards Manager for Tarmac explains how they manage their FORS accreditation

How to be a good CLOCS communicator

31 Oct 2018
The steps that Kate Cairns, Founder of See Me Save Me has taken to communicate what CLOCS is achieving and encourage others to take action.

FORS Licence Checking

31 Oct 2018
FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited to provide FORS Driver Licence Checking Service.

CLOCS Champion features in FT Future 100 list

31 Oct 2018
O’Donovan was a founding CLOCS champion and is involved in a range of ongoing initiatives which demonstrate top-down commitment.

Freight in the City

31 Oct 2018
The 4th Freight in the City Expo will take place on 6 November 2018 at Alexandra Palace, London.

Procuring for CLOCS

31 Oct 2018
Wales has been a focus for CLOCS with two Working Groups held in Cardiff to engage with key influencers in the region.

CLOCS joins the FORS Conference

31 Oct 2018
As significant partners, CLOCS presented to a packed hall of 450 delegates and took part in a day of dynamic presentations and lively interactive debate.

CLOCS membership fees

31 Oct 2018
A positive response to the new CLOCS membership proposition

Have you seen the new CLOCS Standard?

30 Oct 2018
The new CLOCS Standard version 3 has been published, operational from January 2019.

National Road Safety Week 19th to 25th November

30 Oct 2018
CLOCS is giving away a free banner and poster for organisations that sign up for membership during National Road Safety week

CLOCS Standard (Version 3) from January 2019

4 Oct 2018
Reviewed every two years to ensure it remains progressive and pragmatic, the CLOCS Standard (version 3) will come into effect from 1st Jan 2019

CLOCS attracts crowds at the Image of Construction event

4 Oct 2018
Considerate Constructors Scheme Image of Construction conference

CLOCS in Welsh construction framework requirements

4 Oct 2018
South East Wales Highways Framework and the South and Mid Wales Collaborative Construction Framework embed CLOCS

Suffer a little so little ones can live

4 Oct 2018
CLOCS and the construction industry join in 300 mile charity bike ride

FORS Collision Manager

4 Oct 2018
FORS Collision Manager is open to any CLOCS Champion looking to improve their understanding of the work-related road safety collisions

CLOCS Champions University of Manchester hosting road safety event

5 Sep 2018
Free drop in event 'Sharing the Road Safely' - September 26th

Met police release Exchanging Places 360 video

4 Sep 2018
Video aims to address the most common cause of serious injury and death to cyclists – collisions involving HGVs.

CLOCS Site monitoring visits

4 Sep 2018
To help Champions understand and improve site compliance and safety.

What is a CLOCS Champion? Client & Principal Contractors

3 Sep 2018
We explain what being a CLOCS Champion means to Client and Principal Contractors.

Revised CLOCS Standard to be published December 2018

3 Sep 2018
The CLOCS team is currently working on the next revision together with a dedicated task group with representatives from all types of CLOCS Champion.

FORS Overseer Dashboard

3 Sep 2018
FORS have launched a dashboard to help organisations that oversee FORS accredited supply chain's.

LoCITY annual conference

3 Sep 2018
The third LoCITY annual conference is being held on 5th September 2018 at Kempton Park Racecourse.

New CLOCS Champions - August 2018

1 Sep 2018
Organisations committing to take responsibility for safety beyond the site gate.

CLOCS Incident 22nd August 2018

23 Aug 2018
Female cyclist suffers life changing injury

CLOCS Incident 20th August 2018

21 Aug 2018
A female pedestrian is in a critical condition after a collision with a HGV

MPA call on Government to ensure all public sector construction contracts are CLOCS Compliant

17 Aug 2018
Why aren’t all construction clients, contractors and suppliers taking road safety seriously?

FORS moves to demystify the FORS and CLOCS relationship

16 Aug 2018
FORS is funding a series of half-day workshops to help 'demystify' the relationship between FORS and CLOCS.

CoTrain Apprentice looks at ways that CLOCS can be used on Wates site

16 Aug 2018
CoTrain Apprentice gains skills while researching the CLOCS Standard

CLOCS Incident 15th August 2018

15 Aug 2018
A male cyclist reported to be in his 60's has been killed in a collision with a HGV

CLOCS Incident 14th August 2018

14 Aug 2018
A female pedestrian reported to be in her 70's has been killed in a collision with a HGV

CLOCS Incident 7th August 2018

7 Aug 2018
A male cyclist has sustained injuries that are being treated as potentially life threatening.

CLOCS Incident 6th August 2018

6 Aug 2018
A male pedestrian killed following a collision with a HGV.

CLOCS Bulletin August 2018

1 Aug 2018
News and updates from the CLOCS team

Roadpeace call on the Department of Transport to Champion CLOCS

31 Jul 2018
Online Lorry Danger campaign petition launched

All CLOCS Champions invited to attend 'Image of Construction' event this September

31 Jul 2018
The Considerate Constructors Scheme invites CLOCS Champions to free event in Central London

CLOCS and FORS: Complatible compliance

27 Jul 2018
FORS and CLOCS work together, to keep compliance simple. Watch the video >>

Review of CLOCS Standard: call for input

27 Jul 2018
New edition of the CLOCS Standard is due for publication December 2018 – what would you like to see included or changed?

CLOCS shortlisted for two industry awards

27 Jul 2018
CLOCS has been shortlisted for its achievements in Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the London Construction Awards 2018 and the APS National CDM Awards.

Portal to gather video evidence of dangerous driving

26 Jul 2018
Police forces across England and Wales sign up to a single portal for road users to submit video evidence.

Licence checking

26 Jul 2018
FORS is working in partnership with Licence Bureau Limited to make it easier to complete the secure driver checks which are required every six months.

CLOCS Incident 25th July 2018

25 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 25th July 2018 (2)

25 Jul 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

New CLOCS Champion Portal

24 Jul 2018
Online system to help CLOCS Champions manage their progress towards compliance with the CLOCS Standard.

New CLOCS Website is now live

23 Jul 2018
Designed to help everyone understand their roles and responsibilities when implementing and promoting CLOCS.

CLOCS Incident 20th July 2018

20 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 17th July 2018

17 Jul 2018
A male pedestrian believed to be 18 has been injured in a collision with a HGV.

CLOCS Incident 9th July 2018

9 Jul 2018
Cyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 5th July 2018

5 Jul 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 30th May 2018 (2)

30 May 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 30th May 2018

30 May 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 18th May 2018

18 May 2018
Cyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 9th May 2018

9 May 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 3rd May 2018

3 May 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV

The University of Manchester is the 600th Champion

2 May 2018
The University of Manchester is the 600th organisation to commit to implementing the national CLOCS Standard on all their operations.

CLOCS Incident 18th April 2018

18 Apr 2018
Motorcyclist killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 27th Feb 2018

27 Feb 2018
Cyclist injured in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 19th Feb 2018

19 Feb 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 18th Jan 2018

18 Jan 2018
Pedestrian killed in collision with HGV

CLOCS Incident 17th Jan 2018

17 Jan 2018
Pedestrian injured in collision with HGV