Encouraging wider adoption

CLOCS Champions

Over 400 different organisations are working together to deliver the CLOCS objectives

CLOCS Champions are the organisations and /or individual construction projects actively implementing the requirements within the Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk. CLOCS Champions may include:

  • Client organisations intending to and working towards implementation of the CLOCS Standard (indicative dates for implementation should be provided)
  • Client organisations and / or projects actively implementing and monitoring compliance to the CLOCS Standard. Where the client organisation is a partnership or membership organisation it shall also promote further uptake of the scheme amongst its members
  • Fleet operators adhering to the requirements of the CLOCS Standard
  • Organisations which by the nature of their business or purpose may not be able to actively implement the CLOCS standard, but which have committed to supporting the WRRR Standard and its purpose

CLOCS Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS Sponsor:

Click to read the Memorandum of Understanding and the CLOCS Terms of Reference. Please complete your Implementation Plan which includes an agreement to the MOU and TOR online.

Click here to view the list of CLOCS Champions.

Working Group

The Working Groups consist of construction leaders who collaborate to oversee the delivery of CLOCS and provide a forum to discuss emerging issues and provide advice. Working group members play a key part in championing the work of CLOCS across other parts of the industry.