CLOCS Launches new guide for clients

CLOCS Strategy for 2018 is focused on driving the standard nationally and through planning and procurement.  To this end, a task and finish group was formed to identify what additional CLOCS resources were required to support implementation through procurement.  The output from this diverse and representative group of professionals is a new CLOCS guide which is relevant for both public and private sector procurers.  The CLOCS Guide_Incorporating CLOCS in Client Procurement is specifically written to:

  1. clearly articulate the significant alignment of CLOCS with CDM and its applicability to client duties beyond construction site hoardings.
  2. support clients with CLOCS implementation – showing them exactly what they should be doing and how to ensure the tender process resources the delivery of CLOCS requirements.
  3. demonstrate the importance of monitoring and communication to understand impact and areas for solutions and improvement.

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