National Standard

CLOCS has developed the Standard for construction logistics: Managing work related road risk, a common standard for use by the construction logistics industry. Implemented by construction clients through contracts, this new Standard provides a framework enabling the the management of road safety by the industry in a way that can be adhered to in a consistent way by fleet operators.

Eleven separate standards, codes of practice and policies relating to work related road safety were reviewed and bought together into a single common standard.

The willingness of organisations to set aside individual positions and to work together in support of a common principle allowed the rapid delivery of the Standard. It represents a united response to improve road safety across the industry and greater social responsibility which will save lives.

Developing and sharing effective practice is vital to keep organisations up to date about the latest standards and procedures currently being applied in their industry in relation to managing road safety.

CLOCS is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Standard, its effectiveness and future versions.

CLOCS continue to support the Standard by producing supplementary guidance on a range of topics, including compliance monitoring, driver training and collision reporting.

CLOCS continues to encourage wider adoption of best practice across the construction logistics industry through taking best in class examples, developing a common national Standard and embedding a new cultural norm.