CLOCS Champions

A CLOCS Champion is an organisation committed to actively promoting and implementing the CLOCS National Standard. The most common organisation types are:

  • Construction clients and contractors who demonstrably implement the CLOCS Standard on their projects
  • Fleet operators who service construction & other sites with HGVs and other vehicles
  • Communicators such as trade/industry bodies that promote adoption
  • Local authorities that require CLOCS compliance through planning conditions.

Organisations become a CLOCS Champion to publicly demonstrate their commitment to eliminating collisions between HGVs and Vulnerable Road Users (pedestrians, cyclists & motorcyclists) that currently result in 500 people being killed or seriously injured every year.

CLOCS Champions are party to a Memorandum of Understanding with the CLOCS Sponsor.  Download: Memorandum of Understanding and the Terms of Reference. A successful application will require you to agree to the terms and submit an acceptable outline CLOCS Implementation Plan online.

Each Champion organisation is asked to complete a simple CLOCS Implementation Plan and update it each year – providing a headline statement of corporate intent towards its full implementation and compliance to the CLOCS our full policy.

Fleet operators shall demonstrate compliance through current certification from an approved independent audit body such as FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) or equivalent.

Construction clients and contractors should demonstrate compliance by requesting the CLOCS monitoring team to assess their nominated construction sites.  A CLOCS Site Compliance Monitoring Policy has been developed to maintain the integrity of the CLOCS Standard.  “A CLOCS Champion should request one/more visits by the CLOCS site compliance monitoring team to at least 20% of their ‘sites’ each year” the full policy. Rest assured, all visits are completed in a constructive and supportive way to help companies identify ways to improve.

CLOCS Site Compliance Monitoring Visits and the Site Checklist have been developed in partnership with CLOCS Partners Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS).  This guide has been produced to help prepare for your visit.  There is a nominal charge for site monitoring visits (£175-£300/visit) – see here for current CLOCS site visit fee schedule. Last remaining FREE site visits are still available but ending soon – free for the first two visits a CLOCS champion requests for a defined siteContact for more information or to book.

Organisations failing to demonstrate good progress (or genuine intent) towards its CLOCS goals may have their Champion status suspended.

There is currently no fee to become a CLOCS Champion.

Click here for a current list of Champions